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2014, photo-sound-installation, 6´48

ST. forms a long term photo project, whose title refers to first name initials of the two protagonists, alluding to religious abbreviations, yet focusing on the parameters of life in a metropolitan, laical environment. Gender relations form the central theme of following two women through the dynamics of a life in and around New York City. The multiplicity of metaphors behind the title alludes to the romantic qualities of cohabitation, which make partners follow a route alongside similar behavior patterns and predilections. Day and night alternate in unison with personal bonding and companionship. The ephemeral notion of life fleeting through public and private space relates to the demands placed upon contemporary notions of secularity. In ST. the focus lies on the mutual life of two women, who in their private rooms appear as twins in identical pajamas, play with their cat, cuddle up together, kiss, advise each other in their makeup rituals and, in the overlapping of their profile views, melt together in a series of intriguing identity formations.

photos / text: walter seidl
music: stefan geissler
voice-over: sarah m. garcia, toni m. pagliarini
production: stefan geissler, walter seidl

shown at:
2018, "dopust", studio mollay bibawy, wien
2019, "queer art space vienna", kunsthalle exnergasse, wien


email: stefan DOT geissler AT klingt DOT org